Life isn't all about sunshine

– but the only way is up –

Kiss the old me goodbye.

That girl you’re searching for is gone.
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Levensles #2 – Don’t you ever..

Just to write down some cannots.
I think everybody have done this once to a person who didn’t really deserved it but it just happened..
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it is what it is

Enough said
Enough said

Levensles #1 – Oog in oog met mezelf.

Sommige mensen denken dat ze leven met littekens.
Dit is om jullie even iets in te laten zien :
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The midweek Positivity – Space.


Remember the you that got lost in the struggle.

 -between losing people and changing- you were given space
I don’t see this as feeling alone

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Random Sundays..

It’s almost Monday, UGH.. let go of Sunday with a bit of humor..

You know, there’s a specific feeling to Sunday.
A mix of tiredness, confusion and frustration.
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Your  own mind

is your worst enemy.

goodnight poem.

To be honest, I couldn’t care, no more – about how many knives been stabbed in my back.
Cause I know, that one day all the wounds will heal, the bleeding love will be gone and the scars that love gave me, will dissapear.

You have to fall down 7 times to stand up 8.

Laten we het eens hebben over depressie. Het klinkt al negatief opzich.
Typisch het ‘-in-een-hokje-geduwd- worden. Want ja, het is tenslotte een ‘ziekte’. Lees verder..

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